The Block Printing Process

Hand block printing is one of the earliest, most skilled and most impressive forms of textile printing. The results simply cannot be replicated by a machine. Visiting the workshop which produces The Block Hut designs is a fascinating experience which highlights the talent and expertise of the Master Printer and his team.

Each design is carefully traced on to a block of wood and carved out using an array of small tools. The precision is incredible! The blocks are made from either teak or sheesham wood (also known as Indian rosewood) – both of which are hard and durable.

The irregularities of block printing add to their individuality and enchantment and The Block Hut’s products will all have little reminders that they have been printed by hand and not a machine. We find this charming and we hope you do as well.

Absolutely no one will have the same set of napkins or pair of pyjamas as you: each pair will be ever so slightly different. In the same way that we are all unique so too is the DNA of The Block Hut products.

Meet the Artisans

Our Block Carver

Alim started carving blocks at the age of 17. He started learning about the process early on in his childhood as both his Father and his Grandfather were also block printers.

Block Printer

Nanhe’s favourite part of his job is making up the colours and he tells us that ‘it is always a total experiment and it takes a lot of time’. Nanhe is given a pantone shade which he has to match and that is his goal – no machinery is used. Nanhe’s knowledge of printing and colour mixing is exceptional.

Maha veer ji

Maha Veer Ji has been sewing for thirteen years and he is an expert tailor. His family are tailors so he learnt the skill of sewing early on in childhood from his Mother. He also has professional experience as a sewer in Jaipur. It is thanks to Maha veer Ji that all our pyjamas are beautifully sewn.


Interviews with all our talented artisans will be appearing soon on our blog - keep your eyes peeled!