Day: 16 June 2018

nazar bhattu indian charm

The Indian good luck charm –‘Nazar Battu’

In India lemon and green chillies are often tied on the doorways of houses, shops, offices and even underneath cars. It is a common sight and it is thought to keep homes and businesses safe from evil spirits as well as bringing good luck. Usually it is changed every week, commonly on a Saturday.


  • Take 7 green chillies and one yellow lemon.
  • Take a needle and some black thread and tie a big knot at the end.
  • Pierce it through the lemon first and then the 7 green chillies.
  • This is now ready to be tied at the entrance of your home, garden shed, office space or your car.
  • Make sure it does not interfere with opening your door or the movements of tall people as this can be ever so unlucky!

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